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Megan Mullinix, Founder, acts as a revenue growth consultant.  She holds a broad commercial background.  It spans marketing, brand management, advertising, commercial launch strategy, global key account management, public relations, sales, operations and finance. Her expertise includes developing meaningful client relationships, identifying areas of need, and creating strategy.  With a results focused outlook, she is careful to define and measure results.  

Product positioning can be a challenge.  Cutting through the clutter in a world full of noise has never been more challenging.  She works with you, the client, to understand your goals and business first.  Then, she will develop a strategy, identify any current business gaps in vendors and technology and start begin problem resolution.  Passionate about communication, she partners with clients and other partners to build and execute a revenue building strategy.  

Her experience spans a range of industries. Former clients include P & G, Kroger, The University of Kentucky, Abbott Nutrition, Quaker, and more.  Industry experience includes media, global food and beverage manufacturing, banking, biotechnology, sustainability, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care, healthcare, marine, agriculture and chemicals. She has acted on teams to build new brands and expand the reach of existing ones, facilitate and evaluate M & A opportunities, commercialize business units, international and local market expansion, product development, and has built her own businesses. Her media background has led her to be the spokesperson for three businesses, which has given her a voice to promote the unique offerings within the organizations she has represented. Her passion for connecting people drives her to make a positive impact, and shines through any engagement.  

She earned her MBA, graduating summa cum laude, from Bellarmine University, where she is still a member of the advisory board.  As a second-generation graduate from the University of Kentucky’s Gatton School of Business and Economics, she holds her BA in Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and Political Science. 

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As a third party, often we see issues that perhaps you may be too close to in your business.  Megan will work closely with you to identify opportunities for revenue growth and then outline a plan to achieve success. Let's bring your revenue goals to life with meaningful customer connections and actionable planning.  This could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.  

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MM Growth Strategy is a unique boutique consulting firm. Our founder, Megan Mullinix has an entrepreneurial spirit and broad range of industry experience. The range from Fortune 500 to start-up gives her that bird's eye view on market factors and how different companies need different approaches to succeed.  Her outcome based approach focuses on delivering real revenue with match-back analysis showing your true return on investment. Contact us today via phone at 804.256.3366 or info@mmgrowthstrategy.com.